Rejection, do we ever move on?

In total I have been rejected 174 times this year. That is 174 times I got unnecessarily frustrated and angry at myself for “maybe if I did this”.

That is too late. All the “what if’s”, all the “I should have done this”. The time has past. The rejection has been endured. It’s time to move on?


We don’t move on. Not over night, not one year later.

17th January 18′, my first dose of rejection. The dreaded email. The pain and frustration you see when you read ” Unfortunately on this occasion you have been unsuccessful.” My fists curl up tight, why, why, why.

Three days later… Rejected again? This time, no reason. No explanation. No further information.

The vicious cycle of rejection continues and before you even have time to process the first dose, you’re hit again. Six months down the line. “WHAT AM I DOING SO WRONG!”. At this point I had a genuine fear of rejection. Stuck in a dead end job with no place to go, I was beginning to lose all hope.

I started asking the question “why?”. What is your explanation for my letter of rejection? Can you provide me with feedback?

No response. No avail.

Rejection. Rejected.

“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli

Almost one year on, I realised I was rejected for a reason. That reason happened to be the best thing to happen to me. The final time I was so prepared for rejection, until I heard the words “Congratulations…” this was it, the one word that helped me overcome a years worth of rejection.


Overcoming rejection is possible, it can happen in a split second. Even if it takes a year or three, be patient and your time will come.

Trust me.


Your future is bright.

It may not seem like it right now. It probably seems as if everything and everyone is crumbling down around you.

You’re right. You, me and even the neighbour next door, we all feel at little weak, even if you can’t admit it nor can anyone else.

But look how far you’ve come.



And counting.

You’ve achieved more than you’ll even believe. You got up this morning, even though you didn’t want too.

That’s more than most of us.

Keep doing what you do best, you’ll get there.

Don’t count the days, you don’t have the time.

Plain and Simple.

This is something out of the ordinary. Something out of the blue. Something old but new? 

For you this is plain and simple.

While I take a step forward into a mind full of wonder and power, please take a step back and let your thoughts run wild and free.

At twenty years old; young, wild and free. I can’t be the only one lost at sea. Only I’m not lost at sea, I’m just lost with no direction. That’s just me. 

Days go by and I wonder is this really me? Stuck behind a desk when really, I should be lost at Sea. Like, most I aspire to travel. You might say, then why don’t you? Well, I will tell you. 

Money is no issue. Money is not free. Money does not buy happiness. WRONG. Money buys happiness and I will tell you that for free. Although where does it all go? Swallowed by the government, oh wait that doesn’t exist. Maybe it gets lost a sea.

At this point in life, I’m just trying to figure it all out, we’ll do it together. We will get there. Day by day. Life goes on even if we don’t. 

Every opportunity is just another ship, with a voyage and no end? Where do we really stop?

Or do we just begin.